About Us

Ipsetic is a wordplay on the word Ipseity, which is used to describe an individual who has achieved the fullness of their personality.

They no longer want to search for their identities or who they want to be for they are already in it.

This is what we are here at Ipsetic. Becoming Ipsetic is something more of a contentment statement by bringing in confidence in what you wear, what you use, or what you display. This is especially for our heroes in the healthcare sector, who not only need empowerment and encouragement but need to know that they are not taken for granted.

Our healthcare workers are trained and aspire to high standards, and they also deserve the best apparel around and with great quality too. We understand them fully mainly because we are one of them. We ensure all the products we enlist on the site are of high quality standards.

One of our aims is providing tools for our clients to express their individuality. We seek to amplify this further and will soon venture into something more hands-on and engaging. Women empowerment would still be on the center of all our aims, but we would soon engage in interactive communities that will help women pursue their continuing education aspirations and help them overcome obstacles in their lives. Be it financial aspects, opening of opportunities, or even providing guidance, we would like to help in any which way we can. We fully understand those obstacles as we also have experienced some of them. Juggling continuing studies while being a mother and a wife is definitely a tough task, and even being a career woman seeking for another degree at the same time is equally tough too. These obstacles are the challenges that a number of select women are facing thus the hesitation to venture into continuing education.

During that time, the products here in Ipsetic will bring out the best in you.

To know more about our products and services, please feel free to contact us anytime or visit https://ipsetic.com/ for more information.