About Us

A play on the word Ipseity, used by ancient Christians to describe when an individual has come into the fullness of who they were created to be, no longer trying/searching for who they Want to be.
In many professions, healthcare included, people have expectations of who you should be or behave. The medical profession is no exception.
We are held to incredibly high standards, understandably of course. People expect many of us to be prim, proper and w/o flaws even though we all come from various walks of life.
Once you add marriage & parenthood to that, well, it becomes that much easier for us, especially as women to lose our identity amidst all of those titles. It’s even more true for those who are young and still learning who they are.
I wanted to create a brand that highlighted the woman that exists beyond the whitecoat/stethoscope/scrubs/degree. Whether you’re a woman on a journey to Ipseity, a mom trying to find balance or somewhere in between...
Ipsetic is here to remind you that there is no right or wrong way to live your truth, just do you and do it unapologetically!